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Virtual Engagements

2020 forced us to go virtual, for better or for worse. 

Music provided an opportunity for virtual engagements to be truly human and impactful.

One of the blessings that came out of a very difficult period was the way I discovered music to be an incredible tool to keep individuals and companies connected and engaged in the new and often strange virtual environment.  Here are some of my offerings that are road tested and proven to be effective elements of virtual meetings, conferences, galas, and workshops.  If your company is still working remotely, or in a hybrid setting, and you are looking for POWERFUL ways to connect, look no further - Music is the answer.  

True Connection Virtual Concerts

A cross between and inspirational keynote and an interactive concert, TCVC connects your audience on a personal, fun, and interactive level.  Find out more here.

True Connection Custom Song Experience

A virtual or in-person workshop, great for conferences or meetings, where we jump in to your company's core values and write your company anthem.   

True Connection Musical MC

Tie your virtual event together with me as MC, using music and performance to keep your audience engaged and energized throughout the event

The Musical Stress Reduction Experience  

w/ Michael Tiernan and Heather Bloodworth

Virtual or in-person 60-90 minute workshop offering a deep and transformative mindfulness and musical experience.


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