Impactful, Inspirational, Interactive, Live-Streaming Concert Experience for your company, clients, or virtual conferences and events.

The world is changing before our eyes. With virtual meetings and remote work spaces becoming the norm, companies both local and international, have been forced, for better or for worse, to collaborate online.  This trend is likely here to stay, and there are several valid pros and cons populating each side of the comparison list of virtual vs. in-person, but one thing virtual meetings are surely missing is the ability to truly connect on a deeply personal and human level, to really feel and experience camaraderie, connection, and inspiration.  It’s the best we have right now, but still something is lacking, and teams, customers, and clients are feeling it.


That’s were music comes to the rescue. 

Michael’s True Connection Virtual Concerts (TCVC) are:

- Inspirational - Michael is a gifted award-winning singer, songwriter, and presenter, who weaves inspirational messaging alongside the music.  Michael will discuss with you beforehand the sort of messaging you'd like to deliver to your audience and present it seamlessly and organically with the songs.  

- Novel - Be a part of the present future of how to effectively and comfortably connect in the virtual age.

- Interactive - Gather songs requests and dedications before the event, as well as live-requests.  

- FUN! - The chat rooms get really fun with participants interacting on a level that doesn't happen in your normal zoom meeting.

- Impactful and Memorable - Your guests will feel they were really given something unique and special on your behalf, and they will share with their family and friends.

- Uniting -  Create a sense of family and well-being amidst your guests, extending beyond just the company, but to their families (if participating).

- Teambuilding - Your guests will connect on a different, more human level around the music, and can let their hair down a bit and share a different part of their lives through the lens of music the stories behind the music.

- Spontaneous - Part inspirational keynote talk, part concert, and part high-wire walking act with crowd interaction, stories, and humor in real time. No cookie cutter presentation here!

- Personal - Turns your virtual meeting into something like sitting around a campfire, where everyone gets a front seat to the show, and a different sort of space is created, totally unlike any other virtual experience.

-Surprising - That true human connection can take place virtually.  

TCVC Gives Your Audience:

-Recognition - Pre-planned shout outs and song dedications for teams or top-clients.  Recognize and celebrate accomplishments and share those with the whole group.

- Relaxation - A totally unique and stress-relieving experience offered on your behalf.

- Well-being - Your guests will walk away with a genuine feeling that you care about them and their families personally, not just from the business angle.

- Pride - That your guests matter to your company beyond a revenue standpoint.

- Entertainment - Provide a welcomed distraction amidst turbulent times.

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TCVC Gives Your Company:

- Customer and Employee Engagement

- Connection -  with people in the ecosystem that matter to you

- Organic marketing - we find guests keep sharing about the experience to friends and family for days after the event

 - fresh content to your audience - especially during these challenging times, this unique offering solidifies your company's relevance in your guests' minds. 

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Who are True Connection Virtual Concerts For?

- Management teams

- employees

- your company's clients / customers / end-users / distributors

- virtual conferences or galas

- associations

- schools / colleges

- remote teams or sales forces

- +families - we find the impact greatly increases when you open it up to your guests' families as well.

Where do we host a TCVC?

Zoom - We typically use your company's Zoom account or your chosen virtual meeting application

Facebook / Instagram - If you'd like to drive traffic to your social outlets, hosting from FB or IG is a great solution and buzz-builder

As part of a virtual conference or symposium - Build musical breaks of any length into your virtual presentations.

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Michael uses state of the art audio and video equipment to tap into virtual meeting spaces for the cleanest, sharpest experience that virtual spaces can allow, utilizing fast, hard-wired internet connections to ensure the best quality possible.



Custom Song Writing - More than just a jingle, hire Michael to express your company's core values in a full-length, radio-ready full length song that can serve as an anthem to your team and/or your customers. 

Custom Song Team Building Workshop - Better yet, let's write the Custom Song together! From concept brainstorming, style development, message development, and a ton of interactive fun, Michael will guide your team's creativity to create a song to represent who you are as a company or organization.

Direct-to-Recipient Singing Web-o-Gram message and song: Send individual song dedications and messages after the concert as a follow up to top producers, important clients, or anybody you'd like to honor or send a little extra, personalized gift to individual expressing gratitude post-concert.  

Please inquire directly with Michael for upgrades.  



"Under normal circumstances, choosing to stay in can be a nice break from the chaos of the outside world. But these days, when social distancing is a worldwide mandate due to the coronavirus outbreak, it can be hard to keep your spirits up. As an organization, Vispero was concerned that this isolation would have an impact on our employees globally.


In the spirit of togetherness through music, we had Michael Tiernan hold two virtual private concerts on zoom for our teams and what a wonderful experience it was!  We had people sending in requests before the concert and during, via a chat window. Michael is an accomplished musician and has a natural, captivating spirit that brought us all together. After the concerts we had many employees reach out to say how much they appreciated it and loved Michael’s music. In fact, those concerts were such a roaring success that we had him perform virtually again for our customers, partners and employees, but this time on Facebook Live.


Here are just a few of the comments we received from our audience:


  • “I cried when he changed the words and dedicated the song to my students.” – Teacher for the visually impaired

  • “This captured a piece of our collective energy, thank you for that.” – Business Partner

  • “Straight out best part of my week.” – Customer

  • “My family and I can’t thank Vispero enough for bringing us together as a family!” - Employee


While this is a lifestyle change for all, Michael has a unique ability to bring people together.   I am confident his concerts will become the new norm for the Vispero family around the globe and hope that others benefit from this same unique experience. "


                                                                            - Kathy Austin, Global VP, Human Resources, Vispero Group

"I am running for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Woman of the Year in honor of my best friend who recently lost her battle with cancer. As part of our fundraising efforts we had done a 4 week concert series! Mike was the first to kick it off less than a week after Caroline passed away. He did an exceptional job, not only performing wonderfully as he does, but also to bring connection to the cause we were brought together for regardless of how personally connected everyone listening was. His ability to bring music and connection is incredible! Mike is fantastic! "

                                                                         - Monica Hayes, LLS Woman of the Year Nominee

"Amazing, fun, engaging.  We we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to have Michael Tiernan perform virtually to our team and clients.  What an overwhelming success it was.  Michael engaged with our clients virtually, played songs to our clients, and even changed some words to song to be more relative to our brand.  The feedback has been what we ever imagine and we’re already ready to do another virtual concert with Michael."

                                                                         - Jamie Lee Tiffany, Director of Global Sales, Associated Luxury Hotels International

"Michael was by far one of the highlights of our virtual beer fest.  He brought great energy and was stellar at interacting with the audience, quick on his feet to adjust his performance to what they wanted to hear and even left our attendees asking for an encore performance at the end of the event.  I highly recommend incorporating his talent into your virtual and live events.


                                                                      - Amy Ukultekin, Owner/Producer of Best Coast Beer Fest, and owner of First Comes Love Events

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