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Lasting Notes

Custom Songs for Life's Big Moments 

The completely unique way to celebrate, honor, and sing of your love or life story.

The mother of all gifts, and an unforgettable and transformative experience,  imagine a song written just for you, your spouse, or your family member who has plunged into life's adventures, using your/their unique story, dreams, goals, and accomplishments as the basis of a song that will be shared for a lifetime and more.  For people starting a new adventure, or coming to the end of one, immortalize your journey in a song.


You're about to embark on the incredible adventure of 

marriage.  We'll sit down, interview, answer both fun and

serious questions, and get to the heart of what makes you as a couple tick.  Then, we'll get to writing and recording the most epic radio-ready song that you can use for your first dance or aisle walk, as well as providing the song as a gift to your guests who attend.  The possibilities are endless, and this will be a gift that you will give each other and those who love you and support you for a lifetime to come.  

Flowers fade, but a song lasts forever.  Find out more info


Sample Song: Pictionary in the Sand - by Michael Tiernan + Tolan Shaw for Carissa + Alex.  Full Band arrangement.

Pictionary in the Sand - Master MedMichael Tiernan and Tolan Shaw
00:00 / 03:45


Nicole was shocked.  She had no idea Gary had done this.  As they sat down to watch the sunset with a glass of wine on their 10th anniversary, Gary presented her the song.  She was floored.  Bingo.  Best. Gift. Ever.  


Later, after sharing this song with their friends, and the ladies having a nice group cry upon listening, Gary's guy friends said, "Dude, you've set the bar WAY too high for any future anniversary gift we could ever give - THANKS A LOT!!!"

One year anniversary, five year, or as in this sample, your 10 year anniversary, a custom song about your journey with your partner makes for THE most amazing gift that lasts a lifetime.  Gary's friends are right - the bar is set high with this one.  Flowers are nice, jewelry is nicer, a trip will provide priceless memories, but your very own song?  That takes the anniversary cake:)

Let's get to chatting about your unique journey - your song is waiting.

Sample: "Forever Plays" - Gary and Nicole's 10 Year Anniversary Song.  Full Band Arrangement. 
They wanted a beach/reggae rock feel, and Gary wanted to share SO much in this song, from the day Nicole walked down the aisle to Ben Harper's "Forever" to their journey 10 years later.

Forever PlaysMichael Tiernan
00:00 / 04:19

Legacy Songs

Celebrating a life well-lived, lessons hard learned and earned, wisdom gained, celebrated and shared.  Those who are nearing the end of their life, or even those who have recently passed, deserve to have their wisdom spread and their story shared.  It is an incredibly healing and proud moment for a person facing their mortality to hear their journey and life lessons in a song that will be passed on as part of a legacy they will leave for those who love them and have walked with them.  It is an honor and an absolute privilege to sit down and interview someone about the entirety of their life, facing head on life's meaning, struggle, beauty and transformation. 

Based off an interview process I learned from my dear friend Ian McCartor, an incredible singer/songwriter and Hospice nurse, this custom song work is heavy with meaning, joy, tears, and a magnificent feeling of helping people deal  and find meaning when facing the ultimate transition in life.  

Honor the living, memorialize them when they are gone, and be inspired by their presence in a song.

Sample: "Mary Jane" 
written for the amazing Mary Jane Tiernan, by Michael Tiernan and Ian McCartor

Mary JaneMichael Tiernan and Ian McCartor
00:00 / 05:17
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