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A little bit of light in the darkness

Personally, nationally, and globally, this has been an incredibly challenging year. My dad passed away on April 9th, after a mercifully short battle with cancer. Going through that with him and my family, I think I coined a new term - "Brutiful" - a combination of the words 'brutal' and 'beautiful'. His health declined quickly. None of us wanted to see him go, or suffer. His whole, huge, amazing family was able to be at his side through the process, say their goodbyes, and express the deep love we had for him and each other throughout the process. Brutiful. My dad was a beacon of hope to me. My whole family is.

Following Covid, now into global conflict, and with calamity at home threatening freedom on all sides, NOW is the time we need to be lights to each other in this darkness. We need to be beacons of hope for ourselves and for each other. Please enjoy this new video that my friend at 1/2 Fast Film, Cathryn Beeks, crafted for my new single, "Beacon of Hope". I hope it makes you smile. I hope it brings some beauty amidst the brutality. Brutiful. Please pass along to a friend or family who needs a little light in their lives right now. Sending light and love -


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