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2023 San Diego Music Awards Folk/Acoustic Song of the Year!

It has been a great year, and to cap it all off, one of my singles, "Life in 3D" won the San Diego Music Award for Best Acoustic or Folk Song of the Year:) I'm so grateful for even being nominated in the first place, and thankful for the votes!! This is super unique because this is one of the songs I wrote for one of my wedding clients, Tom and Elyse. It was such a unique and joyful experience to get to interview them about their story, key in on their awesomeness, and write a song for their first dance (which they NAILED w/ some amazing choreography!)

Anyhow, feels pretty amazing to be recognized for doing what you love.

Speaking of which, I have a TON of new songs in the oven right now, and I can't wait to share them with you soon. Gunning for a new album at the beginning of 2024. Stay tuned!!

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Maureen B.
Maureen B.

This song is awesome!Rock on!Micheal

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