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Another single! "Life in 3D"

Gosh it feels great to be releasing music!! I'm super happy to announce my second single of the year, "Life in 3D". This is another of my custom songs that was commissioned this time by a couple getting married. I absolutely LOVE interviewing people on their unique story - I get to ask a few questions, and then just listen, intently, seeing what jumps out to me as beautiful, meaningful, inspirational, then getting to showcase that in a song - such a gift and an honor!

Written as a Viennese Waltz, so that the couple could do a choreographed ballroom dance to it (which they NAILED!), this one was a great challenge with a beautiful outcome, with the amazing Caitlin Evanson (of Tayor Swift fame), providing the luscious string arrangement. Even though it's about one couple's story, the song really opens up the message to us all that it's LOVE that opens up a new dimension for us.

Feel free to listen, like, and follow on Spotify, or it's the first song in the player on my home page.

Hope you enjoy!

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