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The Double-Life of Michael Tiernan

Some artists build their fan-base by hitting the road, relentlessly, tirelessly, club after pub after coffee shop after club, adding one or two or three fans at a time to the fan list - and I did that for a long time, and there were some amazing experiences to be had. But for the past several years, I've mostly stayed planted, right here in the Southern California region, sill relentlessly, tirelessly pursuing this crazy music dream. And the way this dream has shaped up and blossomed into a sustainable career has been amazing. I never would have thought that I would become...The Wedding Singer!!! Check out this video article that David Brooks of the San Diego Union Tribune recently produced, and then read on:)

The Wedding Singer - yes, at least, part of me has become that, and I try to walk that line of being that 'rockstar' artist at my public shows, and being the humble servant of music and atmosphere at the private events I get hired for. Both require me to be true to myself - as an artist. As I've developed this wedding business, that has allowed me to continue to support my family and my original music career, it has become crystal clear - this is as viable a way of spreading my own music, if not more effective, then through touring non-stop. Each weekend, I get to be a part of at least one couple's lives, their closest friends, their family, on one of the most important days of their lives. I get to know them in the months preceeding, and we chat music, we chat about life, and I invite them to my shows. I get to create a relationship with them that means more and lasts longer that if I were to just meet them on a tour stop show. I get to couch their wedding day in music I love doing, and I get to put my original spin on songs I play for them at their wedding. And then after, through music, we keep in touch. They show up at shows, they support my album releases, the surprise me by bringing their friends, I get to meet their babies, and see their families grow. It's absolutely incredible, and I'm so honored and lucky and blessed to be on this journey as I pursue my own dreams in music, to help other people's dreams come true as well on the biggest day of their lives. Thanks to David Brooks for catching that line I walk in video. Oh, and I do hope to tour again one day:)

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