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Process vs. Product: Being vulnerable as an artist

I've been reflecting a lot this past year on what it is to be an artist - the product vs. the process. I spend a lot of time behind the scenes preparing the product in order to share it with the world, in the form of a show or a song or an album. But I've been struck the past couple weeks about the need to also share the process. Here is a Facebook LIve video of my friend Curtis Jackson, we're in two completely different fields, he is a trainer, a strength and wellness coach, a nutrition guru, and he has a great story.

Watching his FB live video today drives home to me the point of being able to share one's process, one's story in how they've come to their conclusions, how they reached the 'product' that they offer the world and are passionate about. He shares a story here of how he had to put down an injured deer on the side of the road and how it affected him, his family, and his connection to food. His vulnerability is rare, and he's unafraid to put what he does out there (he gives a great recipe for his morning high-fat coffee too).

I want to do this - I want to share my processes - my writing, how I write, what I'm writing, in an unfinished form - I'm ready to be more vulnerable in the process and put off the perceived perfection of the product. Be on the lookout for more of this from me - getting uncomfortable, putting it out there - not because you need it, but because I need to share it, and I trust that people who might be interested in it might be able to give me some feedback from their experiences and help me grow. I'm not sure what form it'll take, or if I'll fail or succeed at doing it, but I'm going to try.

I've always hoped my songs, my product, would help people in their lives - with whatever, some sort of togetherness in the struggle, an empathetic experience through music. It's time though for me to step into the next phase of that, to stop hiding behind curtains while I 'perfect' something, and to just put it out there as I'm doing it. It's an amazing world that is connected out there through technology, let's fill it with positive stuff!

Has anybody else out there read "Show Your Work" by Austin Kleon? I'm in the middle of digesting it now, and it is reinforcing these feelings.

Cheers, all! And thanks Curtis!

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