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2018 Update!!

Happy New Year!! Thank you so much for being a part of my little corner of the music universe - I truly appreciate your support! I just finished listening to the Master of a brand new album I'll have in your hands in a few months, and I'm beyond stoked to share it with you, but until then, here's the skinny on the year past and the year to come - 2017 was a truly great year for me. After so many years of juggling hats, responsibilities, desires, efforts, dreams, and learning the hard way through looming burn-out, stress, and concern, I feel like I was able to reach a really amazing sense of balance in life and in my music. It's that abiding feeling of not having to get everything done yesterday, and the ability to invest my time, love, and attention into that which is right in front of me at any given moment - my family, the meal I'm preparing, the song I'm working on, the gig I'm on the way to...whatever it may be. So much happened in 2017 - I got back to touring a bit, I released a new EP "Love and a Gun", I released two really awesome music videos, I wrote a ton of new songs that feed my artist soul, played hundreds of gigs and events, shared in the lives of people who hired me to play for them, expanded my private event music business and got some much needed help and delegation of responsibilities, which helped me to be able to take a step back a bit and focus more on just being an artist. Ahhhh... The New Album: And so on to 2018 - I'm so excited to tell you I completed another album, this time a 6-song EP as a follow-up to "Love and a Gun". I loved recording this, we went for a live band sound, just me and the fellas in one room, one-take recording, with very minimal overdubs, no harmonies or walls of layered guitar-parts, no re-do's on vocals - just a simple, raw, emotive experience that we captured on tape (well, not real tape, you get the picture...) I'm so stoked on the songs - there's some really edgy stuff (it's hard not to write about politics right now), some beachie stuff (I live by the ocean, I can't help it!), and some very deeply personal stuff I've never shared in a song before. I have a few details to iron out regarding a release date, and I'll let you know ASAP! Look towards April or so for that! 2018 Kick-off Show with Lee Coulter, this Friday, at Lestat's in San Diego! I'm so glad to kick off the first of this year's shows with my amazing friend, artist, and collaborator, Lee Coulter. Come enjoy an intimate listening-room experience with us THIS FRIDAY, January 19th - I'll be doing the opening set solo (I have some new songs to share!!), then joining Lee's trio playing guitar and singin' harmonies:) Can't wait! Doors @7:30, Show starts at 8:00. $10. All-Ages. Info HERE. Acoustic Wednesdays with Michael Tiernan and Friends in 2018 begins January 24th! My long-running residency, song playground, and spontaneous jam awesomeness with friends kicks back off next Wednesay, January 24th at En Fuego Cantina in Del Mar. Show starts at 7:00 and goes until the neighbors complain:) That's about it from me for now!! I sure do hope to see you soon - please drop me a line, let me know if you've got a chance to listen to my "Love and a Gun" album or what you thought of the videos. As always, feel free to spread the music around to friends and family - it really helps! Cheers to 2018!

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