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New Music in the Works for 2016

Spring is almost upon us and bright new things are popping up all over TiernanTunes land. I have some exciting projects to share that are currently being nourished and developed in this fertile season and ready to sprout and grow throughout the rest of 2016. Winter/Spring have always been my 'creative' seasons - it's the time for me when gigs slow down a bit and I concentrate on writing new songs, finishing old ones, and just 'being' an artist. Here's the lowdown on what is in store for the rest of this year -

1) Remix Restrospective album with 9 Theory. I often get asked if I'm ever going to put out a 'best of' album. I've never really been inclined to do that (though I would gladly make you a mix tape!), but I've been collaborating with Gabe Lehner, a.k.a 9 Theory, an incredible electronic musician and overall rad producer, and he's going to REMIX some of my fave tunes off my past albums and we're putting together a retrospective that'll blow your mind. It'll be like you've never heard these tunes before. The first single is coming out SOON - please stay tuned. It's a remix of "Run", featuring my amazing MC friend, Stephchylde tha Phoenix. Such a fun project!

2) I'm back in the studio with the incredible Andre de Santanna this month and next, working on what is shaping up to be 2 brand new EP's. First, what's an EP? And why not a full album? Good questions.... First, an EP (Extended Play album) is a bit more than a Single but a little less than an album (LP - Long Play...). Make sense? And these days, artists pretty much call the shots on when/how they're going to release new music. A lot artists don't even worry about albums anymore, they just opt to put out new Singles when they have them. For me, this next year, I'm landing more in the middle - I'll be putting out two EP's, of two completely different styles. One EP will harken back to my acoustic folky/americana/country roots, and the the other will be continuing on from where I left off on "Inside Your Head", with modern band arrangements, blending live instruments and electronic elements.

I have no set timeline on these projects - I've learned over the past several years to not prognosticate too much on release-time, but expect the Remix album to come out first, then a couple singles from the EP's, then the EP's. For me, relaxing into these projects and enjoying the process s what I'm focusing on, and I can't WAIT to share them with you.

Stay tuned this week for the first REMIX release:) And if you have a sec, please drop me a line to say hi:)

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