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Summer Wrap-Up, into Fall we go!

So far it has been a year that holds true to my song "Run" - CRAZY BUSY, but all in such great ways. Things are GOOD here in Tiernatunes-Land!!! I'm completely artistically re-energized, as I just returned from St. Louis after a super-fun mini-tour with my talented friends, Lee Coulter and Josh Bonas. I got to experience a real Fall season for 3 whole days - complete w/ fiery Fall foliage and crisp temperatures, something we just don't get here in Cali. A lifelong goal was accomplished as well - I got to share the stage and hang out with one of my all-time musical heroes, Mr. Martin Sexton.

Speaking of Autumn, I've got new songs that are shedding like the leaves from my guitar, and I just couldn't be happier that this season has arrived - my busy season is over, and I get to focus on creating, writing, and re-investing in my artistic self, as well as getting some quality time to spend with my family without being gone all the time. I'm incredibly excited to share new songs with you soon. I busted one of them out last night at my weekly haunt at Acoustic Wednesdays at En Fuego in Del Mar, and it felt GOOD!!

Lots of really cool shows to check out in the San Diego area this Fall - click on the shows page and I hope to see you soon!

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