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San Diego's 91X picks up "Run" in Saturday morning rotation

Hi Everyone - I've been listening to 91X since I was in junior high school, mostly from afar, when we'd get to the beach from the Inland Empire, either in Orange County and definitely in San Diego, it was the first station I'd seek out. It always held that space in my memory as THE coolest station in existence. It had an allure, because I couldn't get it in my home town of Redlands, and it always couched our beach trips with the perfect atmosphere.

That makes me all the more jazzed, as I recently heard they are putting my song "Run" into their Saturday morning rotation for the "Wake and Break" show. I listened in the other day as I loaded my car up for my gig, and it is THE perfect show for this song - mellow, beachie, good vibey reggae tunes to get your weekends started off perfectly. Listen in Saturday mornings 6 til 9am, and when you hear me on the radio, make sure to drop 91X a line to thank them for playing "Run" and say "more please!" Thanks everyone!

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