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The New Album is finally here!! To be released August 17th!

The Big News: It is with great joy, much relief, and a good dose of plain ol’ giddiness, I can hereby pronounce that my new album is READY FOR LIFTOFF!! August 17th is the date, and we’re kicking it off with a lovely and super fun all-ages sunset album-release concert overlooking the Pacific Ocean at the Crossings at Carlsbad, with the album being available worldwide online beginning August 18th (visit to order on the 18th). We’re also currently working on a brand new website and a brand spankin’ new video, which will be ready very soon! More about the concert below, but for now, be sure to reserve your space by getting tickets at Limited VIP tickets are currently available as well, so act quickly, and please help spread the word! So What Was With the Hold Up? I’m sure some of you who have been following the progress of my writing and recording of these songs have wondered if I’d ever actually get this album out – and with good reason! I started putting the project together way back in February of 2013, recorded all throughout the year, both at Jason Mraz’s studio up in Oceanside and my producer’s studio up in Hollywood, and I’ve actually had the finished product since March! O man, has been hard to sit on all these boxes of CD’s. But the story of the ‘why’ behind my waiting is pretty interesting. The first reason was a practical one – I’ve been just so dang busy this year with gigs, family, running my music and event company, and it has been difficult to plan the release. The second, much JUCIER reason, is that I was in talks with a big production company about starring in a TV REALITY SHOW, get this: based around my music career, my wedding business, and all the guys I work with in my company. It’s a pretty crazy story – too much for this newsletter – but I was holding off on releasing the album because it seemed like there was a decent chance the show was going to be made, ergo my CD release concert would be on national TV. That was something that seemed worth waiting out to see how it would develop. Soooo….long story short, that project has been back-burnered for the time being, and here we are, moving forward with finally getting’ this baby out!! About time! The Album O, my friends, this is a good one! I don’t even know how to explain its sound – sort of like Imagine Dragons meets Radio Head meets Marley. It’s an album for busy people looking for the meaning in the race. It’s an album that has a bright side and a dark side, and takes you on a trip between both. There is hope, there is despair, light and dark, joy and anger – it’s all in there. I think you’ll be really surprised by the direction of this album, and I’m so excited to get it out to you. The Release Concert I love communal events. I love watching my and other people’s kids run around, dancing to the music, while their parents have a glass of wine and enjoy each other, our amazing southern California weather, and of course, MUSIC. So we’re creating an amazing festival-like concert experience for you on August 17th. Doors are at 5:00 with a meet and greet with CD signing and photo opps (yes, I’m actually bringing my photo booth!), and the show starts at 6:00 with some of my favorite friends/singer/songwriters Lee Coulter, Tolan Shaw, and Dawn Mitschele opening the show. Then, my band and I will perform the album live, ending right around sunset. Tickets ($15 - $30 - Kids 12 and under are free) General admission includes one adult beverage and snacks, and there is limited VIP table seating up on the balcony overlooking the concert area. Free popcorn! Full bar and sushi bar and slider station available for purchase. Get your tickets TODAY by clicking HERE. Tickets will also be available at the door, but we do hope to have a full house, so the earlier the better! There will be some seating available for General Admission, but be sure to bring a beach chair or beach blankets, as there will be plenty of room to lounge on the lawn. What You Can Do Ah, my good people, I need HELP getting this music to the masses. Please, please, please help me invite people to the show. Facebook users please invite your friends by adding them to the Facebook invite page HERE Thanks so much for your help and I hope to see you very soon! Michael

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