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My song “L.A. Can Wait” has been selected as a Finalist in the ISC! You can help!

Whoa, it has been a LONG time since I’ve used this little bloggie blargie thing. It’s a testament to how freaking busy I’ve been – that’s a good thing!! My blog is real time, and it occurs at every show I do:) But once in a while, I can sneak some thoughts onto the web as well… such as my December 2012 update… read on, will you? :)

Slow Down, dammit!

I’ve long been a preacher of the gospel of “Slow Down!”. When I jumped into music full time almost 9 years ago, I was a fine practitioner of taking things slow, living in the moment, and letting the creative burst forth onto my scene. I knew from experience that when you create space, things fall into place. That has long been my personal mantra. Then I got busy. Life got busy, crazy even. And since then, I’ve lived that struggle and challenge that many of us feel to find just an inkling of space and personal time to remain sane, to re-create, to remember that we’re human and not robots in some wild rat race. Creating that space takes an almost heroic amount of effort amidst the busy-ness of setting and going after goals, working, raising a family, building something lasting. It’s a skill to be able to compact into whatever moments we have to just simply breathe, to call into action that awareness and power of ‘the present moment” to re-center and re-focus life.

This Holiday Season is definitely is the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ for me – life slows down a bit for me schedule-wise, and I get to sink back into a more ‘normal’ rhythm of being with my family, not working so damn much, and enjoying each day as we roll into winter. This has by far been my busiest year of music-making, and this winter semi-hibernation from gigs means one thing: creativity. I’m again reminded that when you create the space, things do fall into place. For me, that means clarity of my mission and purpose in life, a huge part of which is creating songs that feed my own soul and hopefully songs that others can relate to as well. I’m happy to report that I’ve been on a writing binge lately, a flurry of new songs, and I’ve been working on bits and pieces of songs that have been scribbled down or recorded hastily in pieces over the last 3 years. This is the sort of stuff that re-energizes me and confirms my path in life. And I can’t wait to share these songs with you! As I complete them, I’ll be busting them out at my shows this winter, so I’d love to see you at one if you’re in town! (Please see the schedule below:)


Singing Holiday Web-O-Grams are back!!!

OK, enough that introspective huie – on to the more commercial aspect of the Holidays!! I’m super-stoked to announce that I’m again offering my Singing Holiday Web-o-Grams, and taking orders starting today! These are a super-unique gift for that special person on your list to whom you want to give something completely different and memorable, and they are a ton of fun for me to create for you. What are they? The Singing Holiday Web-o-Gram is sort of like a singing telegram that would traditionally show up at your doorstep or workplace, but instead shows up in your inbox. It’s a special song sung just for your loved one, with your personal message, packaged up in a very cool Christmas card format with a streaming video of me singin’ one of their fave Holiday tunes, just for them. This is not a pre-recorded blanket-song – each song is sung for each person individually. It’s pretty amazing how popular these things have become when I offer them – so much so that I get requests all throughout the year for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. It’s way memorable! So order yours today, space is limited! Go to to find out more and place your order.



If you’re in town this month, please come see me at some very cool venues. You can find me each Wednesday evening this month at En Fuego in Del Mar. Then, join me at downtown San Diego’s raddest music venue for Sunday Brunch at Anthology on December 16th. Then, after Christmas, join me for a very special show at Calypso Cafe on Thursday, December 27th, just 2 days before it closes its doors forever. I’ll have a bunch of special guests dropping by Calypso to join in the musical fun and to celebrate our long run of merry music making in this amazing venue that will be missed greatly.


That’s it for now! I wish you an amazing Holiday Season, and hoping you can SLOW DOWN enough to simmer in the joy of family, friends, and good cheer. You know I’m tryin’ to do the same!

Much love to you, and thank you for your time and support -

Michael Tiernan

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