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Hi Friends - 


Thank you for considering being a part of this very special project - I would SO appreciate you lending your voice, intention, and energy to this very special song.


When tragedy hits close to home, we look for ways to process our grief, and connect with others in their pain, in order to make some sense and bring lasting meaning to those difficult times in our lives.  Music, at it's best, does just that.  Chase Friedman was an incredible young man who had a long battle with mental illness and who left this physical world at the age of 14.  I sat down several times with his father, my friend, Jonathan, to talk about Chase, his story, his amazing gift and presence, as well as diving into the pain and process of losing your child to suicide.  Jonathan, along with the entire community of family and friends who knew and loved Chase, are such an inspiration to me.  I wrote this song in Chase's honor, hoping to help bring healing and hope to people experiencing something similar.


What I invite you to do:

We want to incorporate your voices into the message of this song: that no matter the pain, to keep loving those who are struggling with mental illness, and those who who passed on because of it.  Love is what binds us in pain, love is what lives on and is always present with those we have lost.  Don't worry if you feel like you're not a singer - we want your voice, and more than that, your energy and love.   


The song ends with a call and response sort of chorus that exhorts us to "Keep Loving 'em, Keep Loving 'em.... Keep on Love"


That's where you come in.




- What you will need: 

- Two devices (one to listen to the song, one to record your voice)  A phone is OK, or if you have a good microphone that you can record into your computer, all the better - but don't worry too much about the quality.

 - Headphones

  - A quiet space to record in

- What to do: 

- Stream this section of the song from device #1 -  (note: this is just a section of the song, stripped down acoustically - the actual song is MUCH bigger:) 


Keep On Love - Choral GuideMichael Tiernan
00:00 / 01:08

  - familiarize yourself with the melody and sing along through with the recording to practice

  - Get into a quite space.  Pray or meditate, or however you get quiet and into the moment:)  Think of Chase, or a loved one you know is struggling.

-  With device #1 listening to the song through headphones, record your voice singing the lines into device #2.  You can give us how ever many "takes" you'd like.   

- Locate the audio file on your device and email to (if files are too large, please send via

Please send your recordings by November 5th.  

Feel free to email me any questions on how to do this - at and a HUGE THANK YOU in advance!!




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