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Hi friends.  Wow - what a different place the world seems right now.  Amidst the dark clouds of hardship, there are so many silver linings.  I get to connect with you in a new way.  Here are some really unique services I'm currently offering for a limited time. 

1.  Live Interactive Online Concerts - Wednesdays at 7:00 pm / Fridays at 5:30 pm Pacific 
I will be performing at least twice a week, currently every Wednesday evening, continuing my long tradition of Acoustic Wednesdays (typically held at En Fuego Cantina in Del Mar!)  and Fridays at 5:30 pm PST for a fun lil' happy hour experience, as I play to my neighborhood from my front porch.  These concerts are free to you, but I'll have an virtual artist Tip Jar so you can help support if you can.  I'm really looking forward to transitioning to this performance format during this time - I'll be telling stories, taking requests, and interacting with all your comments and questions. 

2. Singing Web Telegrams                                                                                     Web-o-Gram Sample:

Many of you who have been longtime friends and fans of the music know that I used to offer

this service around Valentine's Day and Christmas time - I'm bringing back this once very popular

service of mine round the clock now.  Especially now!  While we are isolated from family and

friends, this is a great way to connect and share some positive and comforting messages. 

If you'd like to send a loved one a personalized video and song(s) dedication, I record the song

of your choice along with your message (we'll talk about what you want to convey as well as

which song you'd like), and a video shows up from you in their inbox.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

Custom songs - Personal  or  Corporate                                               Custom song sample (wedding):

A song written just for you and/or dedicated to a loved one.  Anniversaries, birthdays,

upcoming weddings graduations, BIG occasions - let's create something timeless that

you'll cherish for the rest of you life:)  We'll discuss the topic, what you want to convey,

chat about the surrounding story, and I'll get to work.  A simple, lovely acoustic tune with

vocals and guitar, or a more fleshed out production with fuller band elements.  Perfect

for weddings, anniversaries, or just because.  Or, it's about time your company has a

theme song - not a jingle, but a full length song that fires up your team, identifies who

you are, and gives a standard to work by.

Prices vary, please inquire at

6. True Connection Virtual Concerts for Corporations,

Associations, and Virtual Conferences / Galas

Great for companies who are scattered across the country or across the world, or who

are simply out of the office for now.  I'll interview you or your HR representative,

and we'll craft a message you'd like to get out to your employees or team, and I'll

craft a special concert with songs paired up with interactive, inspirational messages. 

Take requests and dedications from your staff beforehand, or make real-time

requests.  Tons of fun, great connection, and a memorable way for your employees

know you care about their well-being.  Order yours here - Find out more here


5.  Virtual Artist Tip Jar -

If you don't want any of the above services, and you'd just like to help get us to the next phase of all things TiernanTunes, feel free chip in at the links below:)

All payments can be made via:



Or just email me at to let me know what you'd like to order and we'll get crackin'!



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