Special Update - January 2021

Aw, my friends - what a CRAZY year this has been - 10 months so far of learning how to not only SURVIVE as an artist in this new world of No-Live-Gigs, but to seek ways to THRIVE as an artist as well.  Being an artist is all I've had during this time - being able to write and sing and share songs has helped me cope with the many hardships and upheavals, both personally and in the world at large, this year.  In addition to connecting with my audience through weekly streaming concerts, I've been fortunate to have found other avenues also to use artistry, performance, and songwriting to engage and connect with companies and organizations who are now meeting only virtually.  MUSIC is one of the only things I've found to help bring true human connection to personal and corporate virtual experiences.  To that end, in addition to my original music here on this site,  I invite you to take a peek in to where my career is heading, spurred on by the events of the last year.   This involves custom songwriting experiences for personal or corporate growth,  interactive inspirational keynote concerts, and beginning a new arm of my career as not only a musician, but as a presenter and speaker. 


 Now, more than ever, I, we, and the world at large, are in dire need of music and art that lifts our vision and our world to a better place.  I am more convinced than ever that my little role here on earth is to be a listener first, and to respond in kind with music, as my offering to helping this world along.   Thanks for being here with me. 



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